Sobre mi

Ramani Lila Pérez Tovar is the fifth daughter of a beautiful and large family of 6 dreaming and globetrotting children. Her mother, an entrepreneur and yoga teacher, and her father, a young engineer with quite brilliant investigative qualities and at that time a university professor, retired to the countryside proposing a sustainable lifestyle for their family in a rural context of exuberant beauty as it is. the Andean state of Mérida, in Venezuela where Ramani was born on November 25, 1982.

At age 17, Ramani went to Margarita Island, in the Caribbean Sea, to study Oceanography and Aquaculture at the University in 2000.

Upon graduation, she began working on the installation of a mussel farm to transfer the technologies learned in the development of her thesis to a fishing community, for which she received several recognitions from the National Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture. She had a strong belief in helping people connect with the abundance of life through aquaculture.
In this adventure she lived for a time out to sea in a small 12-foot boat anchored about 400 m from the shore, a boat that her parents ventured to build to support her, there she observed the cycles of the sea very closely and lived extraordinary and extreme adventures.

Once the farm was fully operational, she returned to the rain forest in 2011 to dedicate herself to raise her 1-month-old baby and set herself an even greater challenge: helping people connect with the gift of an abundance of life but this time through agriculture (all this when knowing the master key for this purpose: biochar), and this was the mission that was proposed with the development of the project: "Biochar activated for the promotion of organic agriculture and sustainable values ​​in protected areas ”, this project was recognized in two categories in the Latin America Green Awards 2018 edition.

In 2019 life forced her to leave Venezuela and for 3 and a half years she was in Chile, where she was promoting biochar until November 2022 when she traveled to the USA where she is currently looking for opportunities to grow in the biochar area.